After much consideration I’ve decided to move the blog for The Odd Eyed Cat to a different platform (blogger).

I will be posting new release information and updates to the new blog from here on out.  🙂

The Odd Eyed Cat

“Iris” (and an update…again)


A simple pattern of dots that taper in size towards the nail tip.  Copper, gold, silver, and red.  Available for both Maitreya and Slink brand mesh products.  The Maitreya version includes an Accent version of the nail polish for each color, which applies the satin black to all five nails, but the dots only show up on the ring finger/toe.  Manicure & pedicure all on one HUD.  Available at The Odd Eyed Cat store on the Second Life marketplace

aaaaand.. speaking of HUD’s.  While the last HUD was really well received, there were some comments about it being overly large, so, taking that in along with some other thoughts, the TOEC nail applicator HUD has once again been completely overhauled.

The third generation HUD takes up much less screen space, and has a brighter look.  Under the hood it also allows for much greater flexibility when it comes to changing the overall HUD color and the background texture.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!   Love themed nail applicators incoming soon!

Alexis & an Update

New for both Maitreya and Slink brand mesh products.  The Alexis nail applicator is a Satiny jett black with metallic accent on the cuticle of the nails.  The Maitreya version includes both fingernail and toenail options.


Available now at The Odd Eyed Cat on the Second Life Marketplace

In other news, we have a new look and feel to our in world product.  Our Nail Polish Bottle is now wearable, and will automatically offer you the items you’ve purchased.  The nail applicator HUD has been completely revised, and our Maitreya customers will find that our newest nail polish designs that offer both manicure and pedicure options have all the nails incorporated into one convenient HUD.  Just click on the manicure or pedicure tab to apply the nail polish to the appropriate appendage.

Beauty shot of the new HUD:


Back with more nails soon!

Christmas Bauble Nails


Celebrate the holiday season!  Since the late 1800’s, people have been producing the widely known “bauble” style Christmas ornaments for their trees and holiday decor.  Often just a simple sphere in shape, they’ve been made from all sorts of materials over the years.  Brightly colored highly reflective baubles are a seasonal favorite, and are now available as nail applicators for Maitreya brand hands.

Six colors, in two tones, as well as variants with a gold ornament “cap” on the cuticle.

Available now at The Odd Eyed Cat on the Second Life Marketplace!